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Swim Meet 101

New to swim meets? Here is some information to help get you up to speed on what to expect and how to prepare!

  • Try to arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to our warmup time to ensure your swimmer has time to get situated and stretch before getting in the pool.
  • Upon arrival, parents are not allowed on the pool deck, please direct your swimmers to the pool, and have them find the area we are sitting; we always sit as a team so once you find one swimmers, you will find us all!
  • Depending on the size of the meet, we may be required to provide timers for a session of the meet. If you see a volunteer sign up and you are available, please volunteer yourself for the position, as we will get penalized as a team if we cannot provide said roles.
  • We recommend bringing an extra pair of warm clothing (sweatpants, t-shirt, hoodie, etc.) to keep your swimmers warm on the deck as they wait for their swims while not getting their clothes wet that they will be leaving in. 
  • Be sure your swimmer has enough liquids to sustain them for the meet. It is important for them to stay hydrated. Additionally, light snacks (trail mix, fresh fruit, protein bars, etc.) are a good idea as meets can run entire mornings, and a hungry swimmer is not a good swimmer!
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